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Tree and Shrub Fertilization


Trees require certain essential elements to function and grow. When growing in a forest environment a tree’s roots take in those essential elements through natural decomposition and absorption. In the urban environment trees may be growing in soils that do not contain sufficient elements needed for growth and development. Leaves and other plant parts that ordinarily would sit are often raked up and removed, disrupting the natural cycling of decomposition. Trees compete with turf grass and other lawn plantings for dwindling essential elements as well.
Replenish those Essential Elements with a surface application of fertilizer on flat surfaces. When runoff may take away the fertilizer a sub surface application must be used. We can determine what trees and shrubs may benefit from a replenishment of essential elements and make those applications to your trees for you.
When tree roots get damaged severely or are not taking in the required elements the tree will show stress in the thinning canopy. Severe leaf loss and tip tie back are common symptoms. Stimulate new root growth with an application of fertilizer to hopefully save the fading tree or shrub. Fertilization may be done several ways. We offer deep root fertilization and aeration by injection of liquid fertilizer as well as drilling and filling with dry granular slow release fertilizers.
As with any lawn, TREES NEED WATER! Tree roots extend well beyond the canopies spread and need watering and fertilizer applications also. Sometimes the downfall of a tree may be reversed by simply restoring its water regularly. It is critical that after fertilizer has been applied that it is watered in heavily. This allows the elements to dissolve into the soil and be absorbed by the roots.
Annual Tree Health Inspections should be performed to effectively implement care before a tree health problem gets too severe. Contact us to set up an annual Tree Health Inspection at the cost of $75.00 per inspection.