Tractor and Hauling Service in Tallahassee by ArborWorks (850)228-6738

Tractor Service in Tallahassee, Havana & Surrounding Areas


ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal also performs tractor services to include moving dirt, debris, and cleaning up construction sites. We have a Yanmar V-4 articulated wheel loader that stays busy on our tree service sites moving tree debris, tree limbs, and logs off of our client’s properties. The loader is articulated which means it bends or pivots on a center axis. The wheels are wide and all four of them are the same size. This allows the machine to be extremely gentle on grass lawns and delicate landscapes that we usually find ourselves working on. We do not specialize in tractor services but we do have the set up to move debris and take care of some of your tractor and hauling projects. Please use the contact us feature to the left of this page to inquire about a particular kind of tractor work you may need. We will perform tractor services in Tallahassee, Havana, Quincy, Wakulla, Woodville, Crawfordville, Monticello, Lloyd, and other surrounding cities and counties.

We also do hauling away of all types of debris and we only haul the tree debris to places that recycle the waste to make electricity or firewood.

Please contact us to schedule your tractor services.


Tree company tractor service in leon county     overhead view of john deere loader backhoe tree service in Tallahassee

Employees and tractor awaiting next tree top to come down to clean up the tree debris     The loader John Deere tractor with a grapple on it lifts a tree in a strong way!