Tallahassee Tree Cabling



Do you think that tree needs to be removed?  ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal may have the solution to save it.
There are situations when a tree’s structural integrity may become jeopardized to the point that a rather radical approach needs to be taken to preserve it. This can be done by cabling or bracing. Cables or rods are actually installed in the tree; cables are placed up high in the branches, while rods are placed lower in the tree. 

 There are at least three instances when this procedure may be necessary: 

> Mitigation – to minimize the possibility of  a tree causing damage 

> Prevention –to extend the life of a healthy tree that is structurally weak

> Restoration – to stabilize a tree that has been damaged


Since this is an extreme measure the following should be considered: 

1. Is this tree healthy enough to withstand the cabling process?

2. Can I justify doing this to the tree or am I just trying to keep a tree that is at the end of its life?

3. Is this a good investment of my money?

4. Do I realize that this procedure may not save the tree?

5. Am I willing to have the cable inspected every year?

6. Am I willing to have the cable replaced in seven to ten years?

ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal installs the cables in a discreet manner so they are not obvious. You’ll have to look closely to see the cables after they have been installed.
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