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Tree Support Systems (Cabling and Bracing)


Adding a tree support system may be a safe and reasonable alternative to complete removal and may allow you to keep your tree. After thorough inspection and risk evaluation it may be appropriate to install a tree support system.

Tree Support Systems are used to provide supplemental support to trees or parts of trees. These systems all have a limited service life and will need to be inspected on a regular basis after their installation. A tree that could benefit from a support system more than likely will need some weight reduction pruning to lighten the weight of the tree.
The Two Components of a support system are Cables and Braces and are usually (but not always) implemented together to achieve maximum results.
Tree Cables are installed approximately 2/3 of the way up from base of stem to top of tree and they restrict the distance that branches can move in relation to each other. This means that when a forceful wind blows, the tree will sway as one rather than multiple leaders swaying independently. Tree Cables are usually complimented with the added support of Tree Brace Rods.
Tree Bracing consists of installing brace rods through the trunk or stem where the defect or weakly attached limb protrudes. Brace rods are used to reduce the risk of two or more leaders from spreading farther apart or moving sideways in relation to each other. A brace rod is essentially a threaded rod installed directly through a tree with bolts tightened down on both sides. Tree bracing is usually complimented with the added support of Tree Cables.
 Annual Tree Hazard Inspections should be performed to effectively manage your tree hazards before they present themselves as problems or damaged property. Contact us to set up an annual Tree Hazard Inspection at the cost of $75.00 a year.