Trimming and Tree Pruning Tallahassee
Trimming and Tree Pruning
To Prune or Trim – No need to worry -  ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal does both 
You may ask, “Is there a difference between pruning and trimming?” Then you may ask, “Do I really need to bother with either of them? Yes, to this question, you really need to attend to both of these.
As far as the question about what is pruning and trimming and what is the difference between the two; they are similar, but there are differences. Trimming (or thinning) means removing extra branches and this is done pretty much to improve the appearance of the tree. 
Pruning goes further. It is done for a number of reasons.

> Maintenance: Cutting diseased and broken limbs will avert the growth of fungi which could infect other parts of the tree.

> Safety:  As a tree matures and nears the end of its life, it will begin to drop branches. This can be a hazard because they can and will fall at any time and someone may be under them. Also, when branches grow near utility lines both the tree and the utility lines are in danger of being damaged.

> Vista Pruning:   This type of pruning is done to provide views while preserving your privacy. 

> Young Trees: This type of pruning promotes optimal structural development. It includes cutting branches to guide the tree’s growth. It also lessens the chances of the tree needing to be structurally supported as it matures.

> Growth Enhancement: Thinning out the center of the tree, removing undergrowth, branches that are dead, broken, or crossing allows wind and light to filter through the tree.  This provides better transportation and respiration of the tree, which in turns, promotes the health of the tree.

Our arborists at ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal will assess your trees and recommend the type of pruning and/or trimming to optimize the health and aesthetics of your trees. Whether it’s trimming some low branches so you can put a hammock under it, or doing a full tree thinning, no job is too small or big for us.
We are committed to enhancing the health and natural beauty of your trees. Our pruning work is done in such a way as to preserve and extend the trees’ lives.