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ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal offers a comprehensive tree service to Tallahassee and surrounding counties.

Arborist Consultation


If you have concerns about the health, safety, or stability of your trees, ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal has ISA Certified Arborists available for consultations. We’ll begin with an assessment and then work with you todesign a plan to resolve the issues


Tree Hazard Inspection

We offer this service to find trees on your property that may be creating potential hazards to you or your property.  The ISA Certified Arborist that comes to your home will inspect every tree to check its health and risk factors. ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal offers a checklist of factors that constitute a tree hazard.

Tree Removal

We specialize in tree removal. ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal uses a methodical approach; we have years of experience in tree removal. We begin by sending out one of our arborist to assess the tree and determine if it should be removed and the best method for doing so.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is done to the remaining portion of the tree after the tree has been cut down. This is done to decrease the likelihood of someone tripping over it and improving the aesthetics of the property. It is an optional service that ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal can provide. We will be happy to give you an estimate.

Tree and Shrub Pruning:  

Our arborists at ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal will assess your trees and recommend the type of pruning and/or trimming to optimize the health and aesthetics of your trees. Whether it’s trimming some low branches so you can put a hammock under it, or doing a full tree thinning, no job is too small or big for us. 


Trees growing in an urban environment don’t have access to the essential elements which naturally occur in a forest/natural environment. Because the natural decomposition and absorption doesn’t occur spontaneously, fertilizer is needed to replenish these elements. ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal uses only the highest quality fertilizers.

Tree Support Systems (Cabling and Bracing)

There are situations when a tree’s structural integrity may become jeopardized to the point that a rather radical approach needs to be taken to preserve it. This can be done by reinforcing the tree using cabling or bracing.

Tree Planting

The healthy success of a newly planted tree depends on a number of factors. ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal offers free tree planting consultations beginning with choosing the right tree to its care and maintenance. 

Tractor Service

ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal provides hauling services, debris cleanup, dirt moving and construction site cleanup. Contact us to schedule your tractor service.


Chipper Mulch Deliveries

Mulching around trees and over their root zones promotes a tree’s health. Some of the benefits include maintaining moisture, controlling weeds, and inhibiting certain plant disease. ArborWorks Tree Care & Removal offers wood chipper mulch deliveries.