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The guys just left after doing another super job of removing a tree and trimming others. The grounds look so nice.....thankyou Arborworks!!!

- Ginny Cavallaro-Stimel

This company is terrific! Very professional and knowledgeable, with fair pricing and good equipment for any type job. I'll definitely use them again.

-S. Rehbaum

I just had Arborworks do another job for us and as expected they did a very good job. They are always so professional and friendly. I would use them any time I need their services.

-Ginny Cavallaro & John Stimel

Thank you so much for all of your communication. We had a good time watching the guys take down our trees. You can tell that they love what they do. I haven't seen that in any of the contractors we have had lately. It was refreshing and a lot of fun, especially for the kids.
All of the work was done exactly like it was proposed and we appreciate that. We also appreciate the extra mile they went to in cutting up our hickory tree so we can use it for firewood and the smoker. They also threw the ropes up and secured them for the kids to have a tree swing. I was amazed!

Again, thanks so much! I only wish you all did concrete work, electrical, reconstruction, and plumbing!!
I will be referring Arbor Works to everyone!

-J. Edwards

Mike Cross and his responsible staff removed a couple large trees near our home while leaving all the surrounding landscaping remarkably intact. I really was amazed to see what a clean job they did. I have recommended them to several friends and will continue to do so whenever I hear about someone needing tree service, particularly in a delicate situation. Thank you, Mr. Cross and crew!

-Tom Clark

We give Arborworks our unqualified and enthusiastic recommendation. 

We began our search for a tree service by identifying certified arborists in our area and by asking friends and family for their recommendations. Mike Cross was high on both lists - with ISA certifications and high praise. From his first visit it was obvious that we were dealing with a consummate professional. The estimate he gave was accurate and reasonable. Furthermore, he obviously cares about the trees and made no attempt to convince us to take down any tree that we had not identified or that he could not justify as a risk.

We ended up identifying 2 large water oaks and 5 large pines, as well as a few smaller trees. He arrived with his crew early in the morning, did a walk-through with us and his foremen, and they went to work. It was a well-coordinated operation. We never saw anyone just standing; it was constant motion: topping and felling the trees and cleaning up as they went along. Safety was obviously a priority as well - everyone on the ground (and in the air) was in constant communication with one another. Ours is a relatively small yard, with some ornamentals and shrubs that we wished to preserve; and large sections of tree trunks would be laid gently between them without a leaf being touched. The following day a small crew came by to clean up the little debris that remained and to be sure we were satisfied with the job. 

Throughout the process, everyone - from the owner and office manager to the foremen and each man on the job - was not only professional, but personable. It's obvious that this is not just a random collection of workers, but a team. Again, we recommend them highly.

-Julian Sollohub

We have a rather large oak tree in our front yard that was planted as a sapling when we bought the house in 1985. Mike and his crew have painstakingly pruned it so that it keeps an even canopy,at the same time keeping it away from the house so it will eventually grow up and over the house. They are true "Artists"!

-Mark and Missy Shamis

I am so happy with my beautiful yard. You are wonderful and so is your team.

My Gratitude,

-Jackie Clawson

It was a lucky day for me when I was introduced to Mike Cross of Arborworks at this years Home Show. Recently we had learned our 150 year old Hickory tree was beginning to die. Not only were we distraught to think of removing this wonderful tree but it was located within five feet from our house! How would anyone possibly be able to remove it without causing damage to our home? Mike came out and reassured me it could be done, although it would involve using a crane to accomplish the work. 

On the big day, Mike Cross and his Crew arrived on time and prepared. Mike introduced me to his crew chief, Cory, and told me I could ask him any questions about anything happening, just look for the man wearing the yellow hat. I liked that, since i did have questions during the day. The entire crew was friendly and professional and it was easy to see they had been working together for a long time. The crane was used to help move the large pieces of tree as the Crew on the truck cut them, and it was accomplished quickly and efficiently. The next problem was two large oak limbs hanging over our roof, which the Crew took care of without a problem. After trimming all the other oaks and hauling off the trash, the yard looked better than it did when they arrived! They had even removed the leaves that needed to be raked! I have dealt with many tree companies over the past thirty years but I have never been as pleased as with Arborworks. Did I forget to mention the price was very reasonable and competitive? Thanks Mike and Crew! See you in two years!

-Connie Boland

I am GC and needed some trees removed. Mike was always punctual, honest during the bid process and turned out to be the best subcontractor for my work. His workers are courtious, professional and were very careful with my existing landscaping. 

When they were finished, they did such a good job of cleaning up, you could not tell they were there, except for the missing trees. The trees were within 4' of the house and they took them down with no damage to my property. You owe it to yourself to have them bid your work.

-Ralph Hippard, President, Building Information Services, Inc.

Your company is just awesome...so entirely professional, customer-service friendly, and trustworthy. From the moment we met Mike, when he offered his expert advice regarding our trees and what needed to be removed in our backyard; to the actual project, when Corey and the crew cut down the trees/limbs in an efficient, safety-conscious, and thorough manner, including a thorough clean-up; to working with you regarding the payment that was very fair--it was all a pleasant experience. There is no doubt that we will recommend your company to our friends, and we will look forward to doing business with you again!!!!!!!!!!! 

Signed, A very happy customer in !!

-Happy Client

Terrific job on our oak tree! The crew called 30 minutes ahead of arrival, arrived on time, were curteous and professional. They left our yard cleaner than it was before! They also called the day after the job to see if I was satisfied with the work. I would highly recommend ArborWorks to anyone who needs this type of service. Great customer service is alive and well at ArborWorks.

-Kevin Bist

Great job. Crew was on time, did the work more than ably and left the site clean as a whistle. Left the firewood piled up as neatly as one could imagine. Also, did the job for a reasonable price. I'll definitely use them again.

-Michael Smernoff

I've been using Mike and Arborworks from his earliest days. I'm sure there are other quality tree services around, but as long as Mike and crew are in , I won't go anywhere else. Exceptional work, great value for the money and fantastic results. I call Mike, and it's done. Mike and crew are #1. Period.

-Jim Robbins

Thanks Arbor Works for our Golden Eagle lot make over!!! You have transformed our back yard into exactly the paradise we had envisioned. Your hands on approach made sure that the entire project "went down" smoothly. Thanks again, we will be sure to recommend you any chance we get!!!

-Matt and Brandi Brown

Great job! I appreciate the efficient operation from start to finish, and the ultimate professionalism exhibited by Mike and his entire crew throughout the process. I will absolutely recommend Arbor Works to anyone looking for tree services. Thanks for a job well done!

-Linda Meadows

 I needed some drooping limbs removed from two live oak trees. Mike and the guys showed up a few minutes early, got going, and were finished an hour and twenty minutes later. Cleaned up the yard, and moved on. Good job!


Total pros. From quote to staff to job to clean up. The surgeon aspect was on full display as they removed trees from over a pool and house in a tight back yard. 

-Ian Livingston

These guys did an incredible job. They brought down some mighty massive pines in a not so easy to access area with minimum impact on the yard. Then they did a great job on the clean-up. And all for a much more reasonable price. Thanks, guys.


We had a very large pine tree die from a lightning strike that was next to our carport. Mike came over and viewed the situation and we set a date. His crew arrived with all of the needed equipment and the tree feel in the exact spot selected. Took great care with the large equipment not to harm anything. Great Job ! 

-Buz Ireland

Mike, Thanks so much you all did a wonderful job. I will recommend you to all my family and friends.
Thanks Again


We are happy to recommend Mike Cross and his cheerful crew at Arbor Works. They have worked for us several times - substantual trimming of large oaks, removing some trees, etc. - and each time they did what they agreed to do, worked efficiently and for a fair price. Importantly, they clean up after their work and they don't trample everything nearby. We wouldn't think of calling any other company.

-Robert and Jane Kennedy

Thanks for a great job. I was really impressed at how your crew cleaned up after the tree removal etc.

-Marian Reid

Removed a huge, diseased pine tree... and left a snag at our request for all the little critters that might want to call it 'home'.

Stellar service; from the initial contact, phone call to the last tiny, clean-up detail!

Arborworks (Mike and crew) arrived right on time as promised. They all did a relatively quick and safe removal of my diseased tree. I was particularly impressed with Mike's safety and efficient climbing (this job required 'climbing' since the tree was not accessible by bucket-truck) and of the procedures for the safety of an efficient ground crew.

And you know how sometimes it's the extra 'little' things that count and make a big impression? Well, after the job was done, Mike took his leaf-blower to do a little cosmetic, straightening up. And then, he took the leaf-blower all around the house, blowing off sidewalks, front walkway, front porch, and back deck; blowing leaves and debris off surfaces that had nothing to do with his job! Like I said, it's that 'little' touch of class... ya know? Thanks, Mike!

And Jan? Let's not forget the stellar service coordinated from 'home base'; from setting this job up to completion... and keeping me informed all along the way... THANK YOU JAN!

GREAT job! Thanks, guys!!


ArborWorks was very professional and very reasonably priced. Jan the Office Manager, made sure the details of the job were conveyed to the arborist. The arborist's came in, plucked the trees right out of the ground near power lines and close to the house with no damage to anything. They cleaned up the debris very well and were gone. My wife says thank you to the arborist who took the nest of baby cardinals out of the tree and relocated it before chopping it down. 

Good Job Guys! I recommend ArborWorks. 

-Jason & Kim

My daughters recommended Arborworks to me. I have used them twice so far, and could not be more pleased. They are professional, prompt, courteous, and efficient. I will be calling for their services again this year! And the pricing is fair. Kudos!!

-Virginia Cavallaro-Stimel

If I could give Arborworks more than 5 stars somewhere, I would do so. They did a great job in a very complicated situation. The whole team is terrific from the owner, Mike, on down to everyone he had on the job site. We had a very large live oak removed from our back yard (due to a lightning strike and it being labeled a severe hazard by an expert university arborist) which was difficult not just due to the tree’s enormous size but also because of two close houses and a lot of landscaping which were at risk from possible damage. The guys from Arborworks did the job beautifully and without damage to either house or the landscaping. Everything was professional and very well done. The crane operator they came with was also incredibly skilled, as was the stump grinder. The whole group worked together to do a great job. Highly recommend.

-Gary and Ann Tyson

After reading all these wonderful testimonials I'm finding it difficult to come up with something original, fresh and different, but I must because Mike Cross, his company and his men deserve it!

It started when I called Arborworks to request a quote one afternoon and Mike Cross was here at 10:00 A.M. the next morning as promised. He gave me a quote for the entire job before noon. He is very friendly and likable and you know immediately that he will do exactly what he says.

On the big day they arrived in force with all the equipment, men and protective gear needed to get the job done.

Our lot is only 101' wide with our house sitting in the middle. The trees we wanted taken out were mainly on the narrow sides of our property. There was only about 25' of space between the house and our shrubbery to lay down 80 ft pines and cut them up. After doing this about 35 times on either side of our home there was not a scratch on it when they left!

It was like watching a well oiled and practiced machine at work. It was almost like ballet or some other art form in action; we couldn't stop watching the show all day. Before they began the job they laid out sheets of 3/4" plywood on our neighborhoods community field and stacked all the logs and other debris on the plywood in order to protect our field. When they finished the job everything was cleaned up to a point you had to look carefully to notice they had been here and with 35 trees gone it would have been easy to see had anything been left undone.

All of the men were very friendly and professional and you can easily tell they love working with Mike and are proud of their work at Arborworks.

I could go on, but just know that if we need tree work done in the future we will be calling Arborworks.

-Elgin Freeman and Julie Rogers

After hurricane Hermine hit . I watched several tree removals and clean up in my area. I was extremely impressed, with how these men worked together to remove a couple trees, direct traffic, and clean up. Very professional and organized. Sept. 9 2016

-Marilyn N

I am often hesitant to write effusive letters of praise, as I worry that they might appear disingenuous. However, in the case of Mike Cross and the people at Arborworks, I feel I must put pen to paper and write about the excellent experience we had in dealing with this company.

From the first contact until the job was done, Mike and his crew were responsive to our needs, adaptable to answering questions and providing information, and totally professional in their conduct of the job. The estimate they gave us was clearly laid out and fair. The office staff confirmed all appointments; and each appointment was kept and on time. All documentation regarding insurance held by the company was e mailed to us, so that we could be sure that all policies were current and adequate. When the crew showed up to do the work, they were amazingly professional, highly personable, and extremely agile. At every step of the process, I knew that we were in the hands of true professionals.

When the job was done, the crew cleaned up the job site and left our yard is great shape, with our garden now fully in the sun and ready to give us fruits and vegetables to allow us to be more self sustainable.

I am glad to recommend Mike and company to anyone I know and would definitely use them again if we ever need to. In this day and age when great customer service is hard to find, Arborworks Tree Care & Removal does just that. Thanks for a job really well done.

-Bonnie Gadless

I just had extensive tree work done by the Arborworks crew and they were the hardest working,most professional crew I have ever seen. I am very pleased with the results, especially the thorough cleanup afterwards. Definitelt recommend them to anyone needing tree work.

-Ron & Ethel Baxter 

You guys did an amazing job in our yard!! Very polite, professional, and trustworthy. Thank you for a job well done, (and for allowing us to add on a few extra trees to be removed at the last minute) we will be sure to recommend Arborworks to friends and family!

-Luke and Mary Davis

I am so thankful and blessed my sons Hunter Watson and Brett Watson knew exactly who we should call to have my trees removed. Our family friend Matt Keen, who works with Arbor Works.

I am so impressed and pleased with the team from ArborWorks. From my initial consultation with Mike and the team who came to my home at the appointed time today to cut down ten trees and trim quite a few trees and huge bushes. Some of these trees were huge. High in the sky, large diameters. The professionalism and thoroughness was exceptional. 

I imagined I would have a lot of debris left after the job was completed which I would be responsible for. That is not how they leave a site. My deck and even the road in front of my home was blown off. They raked the area where the trees were removed from. Each and every man worked in unison. No offensive language. Which unfortunately I have heard some people on 
job sites in my neighborhood use.

Very reasonable rates. I did get another quote from a large competitor which was 1/3 more than ArborWorks fee.
I feel very comfortable recommending this company and hope you will consider them for your tree service company.
Thank You Arbor Works. Sherry Graham Watson

-Sherry Watson

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